We are certified motorcycle mechanics and will work on your bikes. We can come
by and work on your bike at your location, you can bring it by our shop, or we can
pick up your bike and deliver it when repaired. Let us know the type of bike and
problem and send your contact info and we can work something out.  We will also
check out bikes you are considering buying or fix a bike you are going to sell so
that you can get the most for it. No job is too small, below please find just a few
of the things we will do:

Oil change and service
Adjust chain
Clean out and adjust carbs
Replace fork seals
Replace battery
Replace/adjust clutch
Fix electrical problems
Fix charging system
Bring dead bikes back to life

We accept CASH or VISA\MasterCard.

We work on all types of street or dirt bikes too.  We work on bikes that dealers
say are too “OLD” for them to fix. We can be reached at
619-244-5386 (Buck)  
or click on the
Contact SoCal page or email SoCalMotor@aol.com.
Repair and Service