Turn your 883 into a 1203 or your 88 inch engine into a 95 inch
American V-Twin Big Bore Kits:

We bore out your cylinders and install Forged pistons which will save you
money and get a more precise fit than buying big bore cylinders.  Boring
the cylinders allows us to match the piston to the exact bore which
gives you more power and longer life out of your engine. This kit price
includes forged pistons, top end gasket kit, and the labor to install. If
you want to have your cylinders and heads painted, polished, or Diamond
Cut or your heads ported, we have packages for that also.

We will jet your carburetor and install a K&N airbox starting at $200
with the parts. We will install full exhausts starting at $50 for Sportys
and most Big Twins and $100 for Baggers and other bikes with mufflers
exiting on both sides.

We also will install Chrome Packages, Lights, Chrome controls, Paint,
Seats, and Backrests for great prices compared to the Dealership!

5000  mile services $170-200
10000 mile services $450-500

PHD Certified mechanics doing the work!

We can be reached at
619-244-5386 (Buck)  or click on the Contact
SoCal page or email SoCalMotor@aol.com.
American V-Twin